How to Plug your Button or Banner Instructions

Seven pixel sizes of website buttons & banners and one text links plugboards are offered to advertise your website, each with a fixed number of available slots. These include the 80x15, 88x31, 120x90, 125x125, 234x60, 468x60, 728x90 plugboards.

Choose the Plugboard where you wish your button or banner to appear. Go to the bottom of that Plugboard and enter the button (or bouton) URL address where your button or banner is hosted (e.g. and then enter your site URL address (e.g. where the visitor will go once they click on your button/image. Then press the grey colored plug button and your button banner should be visible.

For the Text Links Plugboard, just add a Text line, enter your web URL address and press the grey plug button.

All family-friendly sites are welcome as long as they are legal. Please take the time to visit some sites while you are here.

Here are a few places you can host your buttons and banners if you don't have hosting already: